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Oil paintings by Kate Sandberg

Artist of the Year by Ebeltoft Art Society Eastern Exhibition 2008.



Kate Sandberg a Danish artist. From an early age, she knew her vocation was to become an artist. This is portrayed by her pen drawings and water color paintings, done when she was 11 years old, still under exhibit in H. C. Andersen’s house in the town of Asserbo in Denmark.

Her formal training began under the guidance of Haakon Roeboe the painter and lithographer and Ole Kristensen the artist, her studies later diversified to include Interior Decoration and Design at Copenhagen University, where she met and married an Egyptian studying Danish furniture design, who then played a major role in her life on a personal and professional level.

Under the influence of a new colorful and impressive country such as Egypt with its people, their dwellings and landscape, her talent developed into abstract and recognizable elements.

During this period Kate was mentored under the tutelage of great painters such as Zorian, Cici Sursock, Christine Stormer and Margot Veillon, from Armenia, Yugoslavia, Germany and Switzerland respectively. Kate’s obligations later moved her to Algeria where she focused her talents on portrait commissions as well as exhibitions.

Later Kate went back to Denmark where she enrolled in sketch drawings of models at the Jydske Academy and Graphical School in Denmark.

Kate’s art was influenced by her travel to Nigeria where she was inspired by the African attire of Batique prints and weavings, her travel continued to the USA, where she painted and studied intaglio, lithography, aquatint and a variety of other painting techniques and in the year 1989 she was awarded the Martin Luther King fund art prize.

On Kate’s return to Denmark she took up a full time job as an interpreter (Arabic – Danish) but, that did not deter her from painting and exhibiting her memories and impressions of a full life imprinted in her minds eye. Since 2006 Kate retired from her full time job and has dedicated all her time and effort to materialize all her memories and impressions on canvas. At the 2008 Easter Exhibition in Ebeltoft, Denmark, Kate was nominated and awarded artist of the year.



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